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If the metaverse is happening. Then it’s the avatars in it that will make it viable.And as the metaverse gains traction — like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social platforms before it — so will the need for everyone to create their metaverse identities, or more specifically their “avatar-selves.”The writing’s on the wall.Half of all games out there have some concept of an avatar.But in what Web2 games lack today, is what Web3 will give them access to — interoperability of assets, ownership of assets, and liquidity of assets.Simply put, any avatar and avatar-related assets thereof is no longer siloed within the walls of a single platform — these assets can now be moved, bought, or sold freely on other 3rd party platforms as well.So if you’re a fashion brand Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland is just the beginning — your fashion items can now also be showcased throughout every other supported metaverse platform at will.And for 6.7 million avatars that just visited Nikeland — they’d be able to freely traverse beyond the confines of Roblox and take their Nike cladded avatars into other platforms too.This is where if you’re a gaming studio integrating a platform like Ready Player Me can be hugely advantageous as it’s already currently interoperable across 1,500 games & applications.Even if you’re a creator, DNABlock’s flagship Replikant software tool lets you make video game-quality 3D avatars and animated content without needing experience in coding or animation.The music and video-streaming industries are also clamoring for avatars as fast as this technology can move.Genies avatar platform has now partnered with the likes of Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group.And yes V-Tubers is now also a thing — also known as, YouTubers who use animated avatars as their public personas on live-streaming and video platforms.It’s still early days of course, but this is where all the opportunity lies.Good luck!(Learn More Here)

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